How to make a purchase via “PayLate – Trust payments” service:

  • Make a registration on the site in “PayLate – Trust payments” service, following the registration process. You need to fill the forms and send the electronic passport copy to PayLate specialists. In some cases it possibly could be needed your video-identification.


  • During the fifteen mints after registration the system making the decision about the possibility for you to use the service;
  • Further, the PayLate manager will contact you and agree the time and the place of signing the loan Agreement.

Where and how to refund the Loan:

  • In Post service offices;
  • Bank2Bank transfers. You can easily transfer the next payment amount for the credit. You need to contact to nearest bank and make the bank transfer. You need to clarify the fee amount before you will make a transfer.
  • The company’s financials, where employer works. The corporate financials can transfer the credit payments. You need to fill and give to financials the application to monthly transfer from your salary. As employer, you need only to control the process.
  • With the help of Internet Bank;
  • “RAPIDA” payment network.

The conditions of providing the loan in “PayLate – Trust payments” service. You can get the loan from 3 000 to 150 000 Rubles, for the period of six months, with the interest on the loan not more than 3,5 % in a month form full loan amount.

You can find more detail about the Loan condition here.

Attention! – In the case of the using the RAPIDA payment terminal, the Loan fee amount increases in 1 % from transfer amount;

  • The “QIWI” payment network

Attention! — In the case of the using the QIWI payment terminal, the Loan fee amount increases in 2,5 % from transfer amount.