With the help of “Mobile payment” service, you can pay to your orders from your mobile balance!

The service is available only for Beeline subscribers – individuals.

For the prepaid system subscribers the payment amount will be written from the basic mobile number account. Prepaid systems subscribers need to have the funds on special advanced account, to use this service. The payment can be provided only from special advanced account.

You need to specify in your telecommunication operator the possibility to pay, considering to your tariff.

The maximum payment amount – not more than 15 000 Rub.,

The maximum payment amount in a day – not more than 15 000 Rub.,

The maximum payment amount in a month – not more than 30 000 Rub.,

The amount of payments in a day – 10, in a month – 50.

After making the payment your balance need to be not less than 50 Rub.

Its possible to invoice only one bill to one mobile account at the same time.

After you will choose this payment tool, you will get the SMS with the payment details. You need to follow the instructions from SMS to confirm the payment (you need to send the response to short number, which specified in SMS).

Payment is done!

If you have any questions about payment process, please contact us: by e-mail or by the tel (24/7): +7 495 983 32 79.