The service is available in any of the Svyaznoy stores all over the Russia!

You will be able to pay after you will get the invoice.


Step 1.

You need to tell to Euroset employer that you want to pay for e-shop order.

You can tell to employer that he needs to choose “Payment” position in Rarus cash desk window   and find the “E-shop” service.

Step 2.

Name the mobile number, which you specified in your order (for example, 9151234567).

You can tell to employer that the number needs to be specified in “SK” telephone map” field.

Step 3.

The seller will name all your invoices to you, which you got before. Choose the invoice you want to pay.

Step 4.

Pay with cash and get the check.

If you have any questions about payment process, please contact us: by e-mail or by the tel (24/7): +7 495 983 32 79.